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Yesterday's call centre. Today's competitive edge

​How well you communicate with customers is an important differentiator for your business. That's why your contact centre's role within your Customer Management strategy has evolved in recent years to better support this focus. It's no longer just about having call centre services that answer and route your incoming calls efficiently. It's about a complete customer experience management that drives higher revenues.

Our Contact Centre Integration Assessment will give you a more strategic view of your contact centre. This will ensure the appropriate prioritisation of contact centre projects, a relevant technology strategy and the justification of technology spend…resulting in higher customer satisfaction and improved service levels.

Through discussion and interactive learning, our Contact Centre Development Model is aimed at helping you better understand your current stage of development according to certain operational and strategic criteria. After defining your current position, we assist you in envisioning your desired future state, and create a detailed development roadmap to take you there.

We also offer extensive benchmarking services which allow you to benchmark your contact centre operations against industry and regional benchmarks, as well as best practices.

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Our solutions and services will help you optimise your contact centre's performance and capabilities by looking at:

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Channel and enterprise integration

Connecting technology platforms and communication channels into one solution that enables you to deliver consistent customer experiences across channels, while allowing your customer the choice of channel that best suits its needs.

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Workforce optimisation

Maximising your agents' effectiveness by providing the business tools that enables quality and performance management, training, forecasting, scheduling and adherence, to deliver exceptional customer experiences

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Business intelligence

Providing insights into customer behaviours, trends and practices that are critical to execute and measure operational and strategic improvement. Our approach to business intelligence equips you with the ability to exploit customer interactions and drive profitable relationships.

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Designing and optimising processes, workflows and knowledge management for end-to-end customer relationship and lifecycle management. Our approach focuses on adopting an integrated approach, harnessing transaction and preference data.

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Cloud and managed contact centre services

A full range of outsourcing and managed services for IT, business and contact centre operations functions to help you balance cost, risk and performance criteria in line with your business strategy.

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Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)

Giving you access to technology that will allow you to achieve the highest standards in customer management operations without upfront capital investment – you only pay for the technology you use.

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